Geez, man

I like test days; you get out of class early. It’s the day before the test that I hate. You spend all day trying to cram as much information into your brain as possible. And the worst thing is, even if you study way in advance, you still have to study again right before the test. That’s why I don’t study in advance. Waste of time.

I never could understand teachers. They’re always trying to teach you a lesson. I mean, I know that’s their job, but sometimes they just go over the top, trying to “train” you the way they want. The problem is that every teacher has a different style, and most of them are 100% convinced that their own teaching style is the most effective. When you have 5 or 6 different people trying to train you at the same time, it gets confusing. And frustrating.

There is, however, a handful of teachers to whom I am forever indebted. My mom being the first and foremost, since she homeschooled me all the way through high school and in doing so, undoubtedly, saved the lives and sanity of many elementary school teachers across America. But in addition to her, there are a few teachers that I absolutely love. Like the ones that are excited about what they do, but they also understand that you hate class. They’re not under any misconceptions that you took this class because writing term papers thrills your very being. They understand. Or the ones that will accept late work because you explain that you were sick, instead of giving you the evil eye and demanding a doctor’s note for every sniffle. I mean, come on! Everybody gets sick! And sometimes, you’re too sick to get out of bed and drag yourself over to the doctor’s office where they tell you that they’re closed for the day, so come back tomorrow.

…And sometimes, I just don’t understand cranky receptionists…



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