Sugary Sanity

I’ve realized that I go through stages of trying to be really healthy for awhile… and then… not. Over the past few weeks, I’ve worked hard to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible (which is no small task for a college student), but as I sit here, eating nothing but sugar and carbs, I realize that I haven’t eaten anything  really healthy in quite a few days now. But it’s also occurred to me that there’s just one thing that’s more important about eating than simply making healthy choices. 


And I’m not just talking about the “If-you’re-stranded-on-a-desert-island” scenario (which, let’s be honest, is just absurd anyway– how many people do you know have been stranded on a desert island?). I’m talking about sanity. If you aren’t enjoying what you eat, then why on earth would you torture yourself like that for the rest of your life? I’m all for maintaining a healthy weight and doing your best to have a well-rounded diet, but there’s no sense in persecuting yourself just for the sake of principle. Sometimes a break from the norm is a good thing– or even a necessary thing. So do your best, but don’t die. After all, if you’re messing up, at least it means you’re still alive. Only computers have perfect track records. Well, and boring people.

There, now I can feel better about finishing this donut.


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